Our Business

Crazy Red Insights is a paid sports events knowledge APP in China, providing users with information on football and basketball matches, sports data, events analysis services etc. Crazy Red Insights was selected by iiMedia Research as “China’s Top 10 Paid Knowledge Apps” in 2019.

Apart from serving users on its own platform, Crazy Red Insights also provides sports events analysis-related content services to sports platforms with high user traffic. As of today, it has entered into contracts with close to 30 platforms including Tencent Sports, All Football, HUPU Sports, Zhibo8.cc, PP Sprots, Sohu, CBOX, Migu Video, etc. According to the "Annual Comprehensive Analysis of the Online Sports Market in China for 2019" published by Analysys, an independent third party research institute, Crazy Red Insights served 69.5% of internet sports users.

Crazy Red Insights signed agreements with over 300 celebrity athletes, reputable media reporters, sports events analysts, who offer analysis covering top international events such as Premier League, top 5 European leagues, NBA and mega-scale sports tournaments such as FIFA World Cup, European Cup and the Olympics, providing fans and lottery players with schedules and information of leagues matches in nearly 200 countries worldwide. Leveraging on sports events big data accumulated over the past 20 years, the algorithms take into account data such as past results of the teams, strength, state, etc and producing quality contents that are highly favoured by users with superior accuracy.