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Crazy Sports Group Limited is a leading digital sports entertainment community operator and internet sports industry leader in China, and it is listed on the Main Board of HKEX (Stock code: 00082.HK). Laying our strategy on “Building a Leading Sports Nation”, we deep dive into the trillion-worth digital + sports entertainment industry racetrack. Based on the unique massive sports user database, leveraging digital, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to empower traditional sports events, we operate in three core business areas pivoted on "Events + Quizzes, IPs + Games, Crazy Red Insights + Lottery Sales". We are dedicated to building a multi-dimensional entertainment platform allowing real-time participation in sports events.

Our Mission

Our mission is “Let Sports Create Happiness”. We accomplish this by creating an environment where our users can find enjoyment and fulfilment through a spectrum of sports entertainment services.

Our Vision

As a leading enterprise in the internet sports industry in China, we will focus on blockbuster sports events home and aboard, establish a comprehensive sports entertainment interactive platform integrating sports events information, analyses and predictions, live broadcasts, quizzes and games, creation of an online and offline sports community ecosystem, nurture sports enthusiasts and educate them to enhance their understanding, appreciation and participation of sports culture, and empower sports events with digital technology. We aim at becoming the largest and most influential digital sports entertainment group in China.

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    Focusing on its core business, Crazy Sports aims to achieve long-term sustainable and steady development
    By leveraging AI-driven innovation, it actively seizes the opportunities presented by the booming sports industry (Chinese only)

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Fraudulent Website and Scam Alert

Crazy Sports Group Limited (“Crazy Sports”) has received report that fraudster(s) have involved in various means, including but not limited to maintain a fraudulent website of Crazy Sports and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "Crazy Sports Group") https://www.crazysports.online. It is suspected of conducting commercial fraud and damaging the social image and reputation of Crazy Sports Group, as well as infringing our rights and interests.

The above website is neither the official website nor the operative website of Crazy Sports Group. Please be strongly reminded not to log in, provide personal information or pursue any transaction with suspected parties. Please note that Crazy Sports Group has no relationship with this website, and has already reported such to the police in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The official website of Crazy Sports is https://www.crazysports.com, and its investor relation website is https://ir.crazysports.com. If anyone suspects that personal information or payment has been provided to the suspicious website, please call Crazy Sports at (852) 2869 8966 (Hong Kong) or (86) 400 8180 518 (Mainland China) for inquiries, or directly report to the Hong Kong or Mainland Police at the earliest opportunity.