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- Fantasy Sports Events APP

Fantasy Sports Events Platform and Duoduo Reward Points e-store is positioned as a comprehensive sports and entertainment interactive platform with sports events information, insights, live broadcasts and quizzes around globally and locally renowned sports events and sports events with Hainan characteristics. It is dedicated to establishing a new sports interactive model. On the basis of providing sports events services, statistical data analysis, blockchain tracking and ensuring fairness of quizzing games rules, it aims to develop a new application for sports tourism consumption in Hainan, introducing a reward point system to serve tourism and consumption demand in Hainan, promote cultural, sports and tourism development with characteristics of its own.

Fantasy Sports Events APP bundled the sports events that global fans focused at with themed quizzes. Users can obtain matches information, previews and results on the platform while watching the events on the platform, participating in various forms of interactive entertainment related to the league, including interacting with other users, and live broadcast interaction with sports stars, online anchors and senior commentators, as well as participating in quizzing games related to the league to win various gifts and services through reward points. Such new way of enjoying games has created a new model in the field of sports entertainment and provided momentum to the multi-matrix development of the Crazy Sports ecosystem.