Our Business

Crazy Sports is dedicated to providing premium sports mobile entertainment products pivoting on innovation, real time experience and live battling. Crazy Sports has established a global sports mobile game R&D and distribution system, which has produced Ace Soccer, Soccer Manager, Realtime CSL and other star products. Our R&D and distributing partners come from China, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, Russia, Finland, Austria, Slovakia and other countries. We are one of the professional sports mobile game publishers in China.

Being the official game partner of Chinese Super League, Crazy Sports possessed official IP licenses of 16 Chinese Super League clubs and more than 500 football players. Furthermore, Crazy Sports formally entered into an agreement with FIFPro in December 2020 to obtain the IP licences of football players from 54 countries and football leagues, such as England, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, including names and portrait rights of numerous international football stars. With the top football IP rights, we develop a broad range of bespoke sports entertainment games for our sports community.

Our Popular Games